Nutri Dosa

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Content: chama
Brand: mil8
Weight: 400 g
Expiry Date: 2023-11-10
Manufacturing Date: 2024-01-12
Type: Millet

Nutri Dosa Mix is a versatile, healthy blend of fermented rice and urad dal flours enriched with nutritious ingredients like soy, oats, and fenugreek. This easy-to-use mix allows for the preparation of delicious dosas, a popular South Indian savory pancake, packed with essential nutrients. Originally known as "Nutri Dosa" or "Protein Dosa," this mix is a modern take on traditional dosa recipes, catering to health-conscious individuals. Its inception aimed to provide a balanced and protein-rich alternative to the classic dosa, making it a popular choice for those seeking a wholesome and tasty breakfast or snack option.


The Nutri Dosa Mix comes pre-loaded with all the vital millet powders, sparing you the effort of assembling individual ingredients. Prepare for a delightful dosa experience with this all-in-one mix. Preparation: Crafting a scrumptious batch of dosas is a breeze with Nutri Dosa Mix. Begin by seamlessly combining the mix with water, ensuring a velvety, lump-free batter. Heat a non-stick pan and gracefully pour a ladle of the batter, spreading it thinly to create a round dosa. Enhance the crispiness by drizzling a touch of oil around the edges. Let it cook until the periphery achieves a golden brown hue, then gracefully flip to cook the other side. The result is a nourishing dosa, effortlessly prepared and brimming with the benefits of various powders, promising a balanced and flavorful meal. Serve: Present your Nutri Dosa hot and ready to savor with an array of accompaniments such as coconut chutney, sambar, or your personal favorite. This fuss-free recipe caters to busy mornings or moments when you yearn for a delectable and nutritious snack, all without the intricacies of traditional dosa preparation. Revel in the wholesome goodness encapsulated in every delightful bite of Nutri Dosa Mix. Enjoy a seamless and fulfilling culinary journey with the simplicity and nutrition of Nutri Dosa Mix!

Nutri Dosa Mix



Nutri Dosa offers a nutritious blend, with approximately 350 calories, 15g protein, 5g fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals per 100g serving. Compared to a traditional dosa, it delivers substantial protein and fiber, aiding satiety and promoting a balanced diet. Not only does it provide a healthier alternative, but it also contributes to potential cost savings by incorporating affordable yet nutrient-dense ingredients, making it a budget-friendly and wholesome choice per person.

To instantly prepare Nutri Millet Dosa using the mix:

Mixing: Take Nutri Millet Dosa Mix in a bowl. Adding Liquid: Gradually add water and stir to form a smooth batter.

Resting: Allow the batter to rest for 5 minutes to achieve optimal consistency.

Cooking: Heat a dosa pan, pour a ladle of batter, spread it thinly, and cook until golden brown.

Serving: Serve the Nutri Millet Dosa hot with chutney or sambar for a quick and nutritious meal. Enjoy a healthy dosa instantly with Nutri Millet Dosa Mix.