Ragi Flour

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Content: ragi
Brand: mil8
Weight: 500
Expiry Date: 2024-01-12
Manufacturing Date: 2023-12-11
Type: Millet

Ragi flour, derived from the nutrient-packed finger millet, is a gluten-free alternative boasting a distinctive nutty flavor. This versatile flour, rich in essential amino acids, dietary fiber, and minerals, offers a wholesome addition to various culinary creations. With a low glycemic index, ragi flour aids in maintaining stable blood sugar levels and promotes sustained energy release. Known for its high calcium content, it supports bone health and is an excellent choice for those seeking a nutritious gluten-free option. Whether incorporated into traditional recipes or modern dishes, ragi flour adds both nutritional value and a unique, earthy taste to your culinary repertoire.


Ragi Flour (Finger millet flour)


Ragi flour is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with essential amino acids, fiber, and minerals. It is gluten-free, has a low glycemic index for stable blood sugar, and is rich in calcium, promoting bone health. This versatile flour adds both nutrition and a distinctive nutty flavor to your diet.


Ragi flour can be used in various ways to enhance your diet. Mix it into your regular wheat flour for rotis or blend it into smoothies for a nutritious kick. It adds a nutty flavor to pancakes, dosas, or baked goods like cookies and muffins. Create porridge, idlis, or incorporate it into soups and stews. Ragi flour is versatile and can be adapted to both sweet and savory dishes, providing a wholesome twist to your meals while delivering its nutritional benefits.