Varagu Flour

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Content: varagu
Brand: mil8
Weight: 500 g
Expiry Date: 2024-01-14
Manufacturing Date: 2024-02-16
Type: Millet


Varagu flour, derived from Kodo Millet, is a nutritious gluten-free alternative. Packed with essential nutrients, it offers a mild, nutty flavor to a variety of dishes. Ideal for those seeking a wholesome diet, Varagu flour is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals like iron and calcium. Its versatility makes it a go-to ingredient for baking, cooking, or as a thickening agent. With a lower glycemic index, Varagu flour is not only a healthy choice but also caters to dietary preferences, adding a nutritional boost to your culinary creations.


Varagu/Kodo Millet

Varagu flour, derived from Kodo Millet, is a nutritious choice. It's rich in fiber, essential for digestion, and contains vital minerals like iron. Low in glycemic index, Varagu flour is an excellent option for those seeking a healthier alternative, supporting overall well-being.


Varagu flour, derived from Kodo Millet, is a versatile and nutritious ingredient. Incorporate it into your daily meals by mixing it into chapati or roti dough for a wholesome and gluten-free alternative. Boost the nutritional content of your bakes by substituting a portion of regular flour with Varagu flour in muffins, pancakes, or bread. Create a thickening agent for soups and gravies, adding a nutty undertone. Varagu flour's mild taste allows it to blend seamlessly into various recipes, making it an excellent choice for those seeking healthier alternatives without compromising on flavor or texture.