Chama RAVA

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Content: chama
Brand: mil8
Weight: 500 g
Expiry Date: 2024-02-18
Manufacturing Date: 2024-01-09
Type: Millet


Chama Rava is a versatile instant porridge mix. To prepare, simply add boiling water or milk to the desired amount of Chama Rava, stir well, and let it sit for a few minutes. Customize the taste by adding sweeteners, fruits, or nuts. Enjoy a quick and nutritious breakfast or snack that's rich in fiber and energy. Chama Rava is a convenient solution for those on the go or seeking a wholesome meal in no time. Experiment with various toppings to suit your palate and kickstart your day with this delicious and easy-to-use porridge mix.


Chama / Little Millet Flour

Chama Rava is nutritionally packed, delivering fiber, protein, and essential minerals, supporting overall well-being.

Cook Chama Rava by boiling 1 cup in 2 cups of water. From upma to idli batter, this wholesome grain brings a nutty flavor and fiber boost to your meals, making it a versatile and healthy choice.